My mother is a very special person, and I am happy that she can share her amazing heart and love with the students she teaches. I have had the privilage of working with my mother and have been impressed by the heartfelt selflessness she shows each individual child. She treats them like they are truly her own children, and in doing so, makes them feel comfortable to express their ideas and imagination freely. While working with her, I noticed that the children truly look up to her. She creates an environment in her classroom where each child feels like they "can dance on the moon" and in doing so, allows them to express themselves through art using any medium imaginable. I am thankful for having such a special mother and am happy to share her with all of her students. I have seen first hand the amazing talent she has in working with children and in bringing out their inner artists, and in doing so, teaching them greater lessons in life! -Alex Youssefian

With Ano’s gentle guidance and her incredible talent your child will learn the techniques that will inevitably allow them to fully express themselves through art. Ano considers the whole child when attending to their needs in the classroom, and will give your child the “tools” they need to succeed in any given project. -Leslie

Ano has a wonderful gift of speaking to children on their level and gently encouraging creativity and a love of art while teaching. She truly understands children’s desire to express themselves by experimenting with different art mediums and has all of the tools to make that happen. The options of what medium to work with are limited only by the child’s imagination. Ano has everything available in her studio, brings in special materials and uses high quality materials. Her studio walls are a reflection of children’s creativity. I believe that each child feels that their own artwork is beautiful and Ano reinforces that they are an artist by displaying it for other students to see everyday. There are collaborative projects as well as solo efforts. My children cherished their time with Ano and the artistic results from their experiments and creativity. My child was able to experiment and create with many different mediums including stone, wire, fabric, clay, paint, oil pastels, foil and natural materials. She came out of this experience knowing that she was an artist, just like every child naturally is. -Sue

My children have participated in and loved Ano’s art classes! They could never wait until their next class and would ask me repeatedly during the week when they could go to Ano’s again! Ano creates a peaceful and creative environment with classical music and a joyous mood inspiring the children to create freely. You will be amazed to see what your child creates as Ano helps them work in various mediums freely, openly, and with confidence. Perhaps most importantly, the children are so happy when you watch them at work and are always sorry to leave Ano’s art class. The children have such pride at creating their little masterpieces -- and they treasure them! After having the exciting experience of seeing their Ano’s art projects displayed at an exhibit at the Beaverton City Hall, my childrens’ art is now proudly displayed at home where they proudly show it to family and friends! -Laura

I have been working with Ano periodically. She has been substituting in my French class occasionally and we have also worked in collaboration on art projects tied to the French culture. I must say it is always a joy to work with such a dedicated individual. She loves what she does and she inspires the students to be very creative. The students adore her and enjoy her classes tremendously because she brings out the best creations out of them. -Francine

Our daughter remembers her days with Ano so fondly. Not only did she feel successful about the projects completed, but the atmosphere of the class was relaxing and nurturing, complete with candles, tea, and music. She looked forward to entering that world each week. Ano clearly has a passion for her students and a love of her work. Exhibitions hung by Ano have magnificent style and beauty which shows great respect for the students’ work. We appreciated Ano’s connections with community organizations that allowed their art to be seen by a wider audience, which bolstered all the children’s self esteem as well as expanded their understanding of how art is communication. -Lisa and David Ellenberg

Ano’s Art is an experience we are grateful our two girls both had. They were exposed to the wonderful creativity and warm support of Ano. In addition, they had fun! Ano drew out the capability of all her students, with children of varying ages mixing well and enjoying equally. I think Ano loves the children as much as they love her, as much as they all love the art they are experiencing. My wife and I both wish we could take classes from her! -Don and Debbie

I can recommend Ano’s art classes most highly! As a mother of three boys who have all participated in her classes over the last eight years, I have watched Ano inspire each of them in their artistic expression. Ano has a nurturing, caring spirit which infuses her art classes and encourages the child to reach their full potential creatively. She provides a safe environment where the children thrive and are allowed to pursue their muse in a variety of creative expressions, from painting to ceramics to stone. My oldest son drew an oil pastel of frogs in her class that was chosen as a greeting card for CASA in the sixth grade. He has continued to pursue his interest in art at Catlin Gabel where Ano has taught many years. -Nell

Teaching art requires an accomplished artist and skilled teacher who can fully engage a child in the work and wonder of creating art – dispensing concern over making mistakes and the fear of not being “good enough.” Ano is one of these people. Known for her amazing ability to open a child’s eyes to the creative process, Ano is able to cultivate the unique ability and skill of every child with whom she works. I believe Ano is able to accomplish this because a child is able to sense the belief she holds of his or her capabilities. I have observed Ano’s approach in her work, and have watched her both guide and inspire a child to trust and not fear making a mistake. Ano encourages children to learn from both process and product. As an artist in her own right, Ano is able to offer children the necessary skills for developing artistic potential, while at the same time celebrating every child’s individual creation and interpretation of the medium. I am grateful that our metropolitan region has such a fine teacher and human being to work with our city’s children. -Patricia

We have three very different children ages 7 to 13. All three just love Ano’s Art. They have had art classes from Ano over the last two years. Ano’s creativity grips our children. The inspiration keeps them talking about her. The projects they have made with her adorn our house. Ano’s Art is the only class that our kids never complain about because they love it! - Lucy

Ano Youssefian is remarkable in creating an environment for students that is at the same time both safe and stimulating. Her soft spoken manner and unconditional love for children frees them to explore their artistic talents and pushes their limits far beyond their own expectations. Her students’ artwork has been used in the service of many worthy causes, gracing greeting cards and displayed in a variety of locations around the city. During her time teaching art at the Catlin Gabel School, Ano refined her teaching and explored many new media with her students including drawing, painting and sculpture. Students leave her classes excited about art and confident in their ability to be creative. -Scott Duyan, Head of School Blue Oak School

Art Instructor Ano Youssefian is the recipient of the Beaverton Arts Commission’s “Outstanding Visual Art Educator 2004” award. She received this award in recognition of for her many years of exceptional art instruction at the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts and Catlin Gabel School. The nomination included the following reasons for the award: Ano is a teacher who nurtures her students’ creativity and emerging artistic ability. One of her greatest skills is her ability to encourage the most timid art students to be confident in their abilities to express themselves through art. She is able to accomplish this by teaching her students excellent technique in a supportive and creative environment.

Ano is not only interested in developing artists, she is interested in developing creative, compassionate and confident human beings. She helps kids look more closely at the world around them and express what they see through their artwork.

Ano is a devoted teacher who treats her students with kindness, respect, and tremendous warmth. She strives to make the process of making art a fun and positive experience for children no matter what their capabilities. -Jayne Scott, Beaverton Arts Commission

When I was in Ano’s Art, I really looked forward to the book on tape that we were listening to at the time. It was always very interesting. Ano also handed out suckers or some candy like that and then we could paint or sculpt or do whatever we were doing. It was so much fun and I got to make a bunch of really cool art that I could give to people as presents or keep and hang on the wall at my house. Wherever I put it my artwork, it was always admired, and that was because of all the great help I had from Ano. -Julianne Willis

Our home is filled with priceless art because of Ano. For years, Ano’s Art was an after-school haven of creativity and love at Catlin Gabel, where our children attend school. Both Julianne, age 14, and Clay, age 10, have enjoyed the exquisite privilege of several sessions of Ano’s Art. The art created by our precious little artists seems magical in that the quality is so high. At first, when a piece would find its way home, I thought, “Oh, Ano must have planned this herself, it is so beautiful.” But fortunately, each time when an amazing piece came home, I asked the artist to describe how he or she created it, and always I heard a description of every step with such clarity, detail and ownership, that my astonishment turned to awe of how Ano could bring out such talent from a child. We have our children’s individual pieces framed and hung in the front hall (3), kitchen, bedroom, and family room. And the most honored is the one created by both children together. It is a relief of fresh colors, glitter and the meeting of two imaginations on display over the mantel in our living room. Priceless. -Thayer

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