We are fortunate to have our Omi and Opa visiting us in New York this week, and naturally we have been reminiscing about some of the good times that were had in Portland this past summer. It made me realize that although we have spoken about it many times since the summer, we never in fact thanked you for the wonderful experience that Leo had with you. And on top of that, you cannot imagine the excitement when we received this incredible surprise in the mail (Courtesy of Omi, of course)! The train sculpture, along with the beautifully crafted stand you created, arrived completely intact and is now proudly displayed in our living room.

Leo was so excited about Ano's Art (it was all he could talk about) and was so proud of the accomplishment of creating something in a new medium. I think he also really enjoyed his time there, meeting the other children and having a little bit of an adventure that was all his own. Naturally, his sister Ada was more than a little jealous, so I'm afraid you'll have two "Brooklyners" joining the camp next summer!

We hope to see you soon, or at the latest next summer. In the meantime I have attached a couple of pictures showing our appreciation. Leo made a card that he is sending separately.

All the best and thank you again for the many pictures, and more importantly for the wonderful time this summer!

Much love from Leo,

and Mark, Amy and Ada

With Ano’s gentle guidance and her incredible talent your child will learn the techniques that will inevitably allow them to fully express themselves through art. Ano considers the whole child when attending to their needs in the classroom, and will give your child the “tools” they need to succeed in any given project. -Leslie

Our daughter and many other students have experienced Ano’s very special teaching gifts at Catlin Gabel school. Watching Ano work with children of all ages is like watching a gardener encouraging each bud to open into full flower. Her loving and nurturing approach to teaching art builds confidence and self-esteem in children. They experience the importance of helping others feel valued and appreciated for who they are, while working with various art mediums and techniques. The children look forward to attending Ano’s class with great enthusiasm. Why? Because the most special thing that happens in her class is a celebration of the unique gifts of each child. Our daughter brought home many beautiful pieces of artwork as well as countless happy and fun-filled memories. Thank you Ano!! -Cynthia

I have known and worked with Ano Youssefian for many years and have always been impressed by her strong feelings for the creativity children possess and for their ability to express themselves. She has demonstrated again and again her considerable skill in helping children realize their goals. be it in clay, drawing, painting or whatever materials they elect to explore. Ano loves and respects children. They respond so her enthusiastically and are happy to share their dreams and ideas in her classroom. -Peg

Dear Ano, thank you for being such a great art teacher. All the time I spent learning from you was tons of fun! It is so cool to have my art chosen for CASA. Thank you so much again. Ano’s Art was one of my best and most fun memories. Ano really helped me discover and enjoy some of the many different styles of art. When I look back at it now, I realize that Ano’s Art classes were one of my favorite experiences from elementary school, and I will never forget all the fun times and exciting projects I got to work on.-Ainhoa

You have had a lifelong impression and influence on Robyn. We are grateful for your energy, kindness, and dedication. We look forward (Robyn particularly) to continued study with you. -Cathy

My son has thoroughly enjoyed working with Ano. Her style of teaching is very positive and gives her students her students the confidence to really explore and create. She has been both a teacher and a friend to him and we have watched him grow both as an artist and a person in her classes. -Helen

No amount of candy, flowers, or gift certificates could convey how truly thankful we are for all that you have given our daughters. You have shown them nothing but kindness, support and enthusiasm, and for that you have our unwavering gratitude and appreciation. You have taught us how to listen to our children and have helped remind us that our kids are to be enjoyed and cherished and not molded into our vision of the perfect child. With your gentle and loving guidance our children will have the courage to become who they really are. Yes, indeed, it takes a village and we could not be happier that you are in our village! Please do not ever forget how very important you are in the lives of these children or how very much you are appreciated and respected. We truly feel blessed that you have been a part of our children’s lives. -Leslie & Peter

Ano is a life-long learner, exhaustively researching new methods and applying them to her teaching. For some of her students Ano’s Art is the touchstone of their lives, as they move from children to adolescents. Parents are intensely loyal to her as well because they see what she unleashes in their children. I have watched Ano’s work with children for ten years, and know first-hand the work that she has gracefully and gently drawn from children. Her connection with them is magical. They all become confident artists under her loving care. Anyone who employs Ano as an art teacher will get the best in the Northwest. I give her my highest recommendation. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions about this stellar teacher.
-Lark P. Palma, Ph. D.
Head of Catlin Gabel School

Mrs. Youssefian taught for the Art Adventures program for primary and secondary students at Oregon College of Art & Craft for four and a half years. She created her own unique program “Ano’s Art for Creative Minds” that successfully introduced children to a variety of two and three dimensional approaches to making art. Her classes we very popular and she had many students who enjoyed her teaching so much that they returned to work with her year after year. Mrs. Youssefian is an especially nurturing and encouraging teacher. She always praises her students while guiding them to expand their creative horizons. She encourages individual vision while exposing children to methods and techniques that produce pleasing results. At the same time Mrs. Youssefian creates a nurturing classroom environment, teaching students to repect classmates, their teacher and themselves. Her classes are truly enriching; both in the visual arts and in the encouragement of respectable behavior. While teaching for the Oregon College of Art & Craft, Mrs. Youssefian always brought an impressive amount of good will and boundless energy to her classroom. Perhaps one of the most significant aspects of Mrs. Youssefian’s teaching is her ability to teach pupils to give back to the community by entering into ambitious community projects. Through projects like “Kows for Kids” and the CASA for Children card Ano has involved her students in using their talent and skills in art to give back to others. Ano consistently provides outstanding materials and one on one instruction to provide children with the tools they need to excel time and time again. Again, it is with great pleasure that I recommend Mrs. Youssefian as an excellent teacher of children’s art programs. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I may answer any questions about Mrs. Youssefian’s qualifications
-Bonnie Laing-Malcomson
President - Oregon College of Art & Craft

I liked that Ano taught us about different painting techniques. She also taught us how to put different colors together. She focused on doing things, not just talking about them. Best of all, she let us express ourselves freely. -Valerie

Ano has created a safe and loving environment for my daughter to explore art and cretivity in many media. My daughter's creativity has blossomed because of Ano's ability to show her that art is "perfect" by its imperfections, and whatever she creates is truly beautiful as long as it is made with love. -Pamela

Ano helped me become more confident. She makes art fun. She helped me get things they way I wanted them to be. -Noa

It was really, really fun and it helped me a lot with my art skills. My favorite piece is the flowered ceramic bowl that I made. -Gemma

As a parent, I was literally astounded at the variety and quality of the artwork that my daughter Gemma brought home from her various Ano's Art classes: sculpture in clay and wire, oil pastels, paintings, drawings, and ceramics. It was wonderful for her to learn so much, and I must also say wonderful for me to see her delighted accomplishements. The classes uncovered hidden talents and really brought out the best in her. -Scott

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