Financial Aid

Many families mistakenly believe that they do not qualify for financial aid. Eligibility is based on many factors and a family should investigate the possibility of receiving financial aid if they feel they cannot meet the costs of tuition themselves. Families who demonstrate that their resources are insufficient may be provided with tuition assistance to lower the amount they must pay to the school.

  • Funds will be divided among students who demonstrate the greatest need in accordance with the review policies and verification by our board of directors.
  • Awards will not necessarily be the same for each student.
  • If the family’s financial aid circumstances change, we reserve the right to review and re-set the award amount.
  • All families are expected to contribute to their child’s education either financially, through in-kind donations, or through volunteering their time.
  • Financial aid may be withheld from families or students who have not been timely in completing the required financial aid forms, paying their accounts, or who are not meeting acceptable standards of academic performance or behavior. Students receiving financial aid will not be held to a different behavioral or academic standard.
  • All financial aid information is confidential and is only available to those making the financial aid decisions.
  • Each year all families who wish to receive, or continue receiving, financial aid must apply by submitting the required forms, tax and financial statements to Ano’s Art Academy.
  • Mid-year requests for financial aid will be considered pending available funds.
  • Appeals of financial aid decisions must be made to the executive board of the school and thoroughly explain the need for the requested amount. Special circumstances will be considered.
  • Ano’s Art Academy does not discriminate on the basis of gender, nationality, or ethnic origin.

If you would like more information about Financial Aid or how to apply, please contact us.


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