A Special Dedication To My Mother?

I believe that art has the power to shape lives. To practice art is to affirm one?s beliefs? To share art is to create a dialogue with others? To appreciate art is to find the best of ourselves reflected in it.

I learned to connect art and life from my mother, Serpouhi Sakouyan, who found so many ways to show it. Now it is my privilege and joy to bring this family tradition to my art and teaching. Taking the time to savor the big and small wonders of life?and to share them?is both the greatest lesson I have learned and the greatest gift I can give.

With each child that I teach, I pass along the same love, hope, and care that my mother so tenderly gave to me. Ano?s Art is dedicated to my mother?s cherished memory.?

?your loving daughter, Ano Anahid Youssefian


Serpouhi Sakouyan