Culinary Classes

Celebrating World Cuisines: Edible Arts With Ano

Ano’s Art Academy also offers culinary classes as a way to explore the integration of emotional and physical wellbeing. The classes are structured around an appreciation of the human body as a temple each individual has been blessed with. As food is such an important aspect of life, culinary classes as Ano’s Art Academy teach students how to care for and respect their bodies by exploring what is means to nourish ourselves and value what we consume.

Lessons are based on recipes that utilize the richness and diversity of Earth’s offerings and are conscious of vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets alike. In addition to honoring the many ingredients available to us in the natural world, cultural diversity is also appreciated with a world cuisine curriculum. In these “edible arts classes,” students learn, above all, to be conscious of what they are consuming, and how to be leaders in promoting healthy lifestyles.

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Culinart Art

Edible Arts With Ano