Who are we?

Children can learn so much from each other—that’s why students from six to eighteen mingle in all our classes. Here, they’ll make friends from many walks of life. Each session begins with a time to share thoughts, ideas, and stories from around the world—a time to connect with one another before moving on to individual projects. We listen to every child with kindness and respect, creating a comfortable atmosphere in which to think and work. Teacher, first-grader, high-schooler—at Ano’s Art, we all have the same voice.

Board of Directors
Ano's Art Academy is pleased to have the support of a dedicated board of directors who bring a wide range of professional insight into our organization to help make our Academy the best it can be. View our current board of directors.

Watch our video clip as seen on Parenting Today TV and meet Ano as she shares her insights on Art education and provides a behind the scenes look at her classroom.

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What are we doing?

There are no limits, no expectations, no pressure. Students explore their interests in any media:

oil, pastel, watercolor, pencil, ink, metal, rock, fabric, clay, acrylic, paper, collage

We encourage exploration, discovery, and, yes, mistakes! Tools and techniques are demonstrated one-on-one, according to each student’s pace. Ano and class mentors guide decision making toward a finished piece, helping to solve problems as they occur during the process. While completing a project is always important, the route taken is up to the child, and time is never an issue—satisfaction, knowledge, and fun are. We let students try all sorts of media, and then let them fly in the direction they like best. That is our ultimate goal for every child.

When are classes?

What started as an after-school program has grown to three regular sessions (midday, after school, and Saturdays) and special weeklong summer classes. Please click here for schedule and fee information.

Why Ano’s Art?

We take into account the whole child in the teaching of art. For us, creating and producing go hand in hand with learning to be a full person and sharing art’s gifts with others. Every child has a unique perspective to express. The atmosphere in Ano’s school is like no other for nurturing the skill, confidence, and compassion that lie within each young artist. And we regularly participate in community art projects, finding ways to touch others through what we’ve learned.

Ano’s Art lets your student:

Support the Arts!

Ano's Art Academy invites you to become one of our treasured donors, patrons or volunteers that have helped make a big difference in the lives of many children by supporting our Academy. If you are interested in becoming a donor, please visit our Support the Arts page to learn more and join our Donor's List. We also offer pleased to offer special thank-you gifts made by our students to our donors. Please contact us for more information.