Open up their world through art! Students 3 to 103 experience the joy of learning to paint, draw, sculpt, carve, and create in a ?family? of artists. Mid-day, after-school, and weekend art classes are available for children of all skill levels and interests.

Welcome to Ano's Art, an Accredited, Non-profit Art Academy for Creative Minds. For more than a decade, art students have been hurrying to Ano's studio, a special place where they can try and test and turn their ideas into unique works of art. We celebrate the process together, while each child finds the best way to nurture his or her individuality in Ano's art classes. Watch our video clip as seen on Parenting Today TV and meet Ano as she shares her insights on Art education and provides a behind the scenes look at her classroom and art classes.

We live in a fast-paced world, but it's important for kids to know that not everything happens at the push of a button. The many facets of art teach patience, perseverance, confidence, and inventiveness. Students learn to take the time to think creatively, to solve problems, and to contribute to the community in short, how to integrate art into everyday life. Best of all, in Ano's classes, everybody is an artist. Everybody is part of the family. Come, join us in our inspiring art classes.

Our History

Formerly associated with Catlin Gabel School and Oregon School of Arts and Crafts, Ano's Art programs have been led by Ano Youssefian for thirteen years. You may have seen some of our work in the community, including the 'Cows for Kids' fundraiser. Students of all ages return year after year, some choosing to do so long after their formal schooling has ended. Ano's style of teaching and the sense of place she creates are what make the art classes so popular among parents as well as children. See what they have to say about us and learn more about our weekday, Saturday, and summer programs.

New Art Classes Are Registering Now

Inviting, fun, full of purpose! The way in which a classroom is designed offers students a way of perceiving the world. Ano's new school, located in the Cedar Hills Shopping Center, is a haven filled with all the materials students need to explore their dreams' in an atmosphere of trust and support in every art class. Students may arrive to music and the good smells of baked treats, hellos from friends or an exciting new idea from Ano. And they'll find all the tools and materials used by serious artists' no compromises. The equation works, because when that bell rings at the end of the day, nobody wants to go home! New student applications are being accepted now for the next session. Click here to register.

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A Note From Ano

'I am honored and deeply grateful to have been a part of the local community and a friend of Catlin Gabel School for the past twenty years. I consider them part of my family. My love and pride in my family is echoed in my being and in my actions, and is an important part of how I teach. I renew my dedication to the children of this area through my work in each art class, with each student, every day.'